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  • Why you should get a Relaxing massage?
    Have you heard about relaxing massage or relaxation massage and you wonder what is it? What’s involved? Is the best option for me? Well I will try to explain in simple words what relaxing massage is all about. You are one massage away from a good mood. Relaxing massage is part of the Swedish Massage techniques involves soft to medium pressure and is performed full body. The difference between relaxation massage and Swedish massage is that the masseuse main focus is to relax the client with soft and long strokes and breathing exercises. In this session there’s no pain noContinue reading “Why you should get a Relaxing massage?”
  • Maya Masseuse
    Relaxing mind and body trough massage and meditation. My name is Maya I am an enthusiast masseuse that enjoys meeting new people and helping in their way to maximum relaxation. I started doing massage 5 years ago. I learned that every person is different and requires different techniques that’s why my sessions are tailored to your needs. Feel free to let me know what are you looking for in a massage and I’ll give you a personalise session exclusive for you. My studio is completely private, calm clean atmosphere with shower facilities and fresh towels. Feel free to contact meContinue reading “Maya Masseuse”