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The Body to Body massage experience

When booking a Body to Body Massage Session you will entering to the world of relaxation and seduction. Mixing the relaxing massage techniques with sensual movements, this massage promise to give you placer and release your body from any stress or tension.

The body to body massage is one of the most known massages techniques the feeling of the bodies stroking together in a seductive dance is the most intimate and relaxing feeling.

The body to body massage session at Maya Massage Therapy starts with you having a shower, I have shower facilities and fresh towels always available.

After the shower and both nude… you will lay down on the massage table and I will give you a Swedish Massage in your back and shoulder to release any tension that could hold you back to enjoying the experience.

After I will start to touch seductively every part of your body…. to lead you to the maximum relaxation.

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The body to body massage experience includes:

* Swedish Back Massage

* Body to Body oily massage

* Lingam Massage or Yoni Massage for Woman

60 minutes Body to Body Massage £150

90 minutes Body to Body Massage £250

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Tantric Massage

The Tantra world is one of the most exciting western discoveries.

Tantric massage involves rituals and techniques that aims to move the sensual energy throughout the body to heal, transform and enlightenment.

When booking a Tantric Massage at Maya’s Massage Therapy you are embarking in a seductive but therapeutic journey that will blow your mind.

My studio will be ready for the Tantric Massage Session scented candles and warm oil will be waiting for you.

The Massage Session starts with you getting a shower, I have shower facilities and fresh towels always ready for you.

Then I will guide you to the bed where I will performed the Tantric Massage rituals.

It a tarts with slow movements, Tantric Massage is almost a meditative for of sensuality where the en goal is an sensual journey of sensations around your body that ends up in a maximum satisfaction.

Connection is key when performing a Tantric massage. My seductive movements will guide you all the way, for all your body to be in a level of pure relaxation and maximum satisfaction.

Let yourself go in the mystery of Tantra and Tantric Massage.

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The Tantric Massage session includes:

  • Swedish back massage
  • Tantric massage rituals (full body massage)
  • Lingam massage for man
  • Yoni massage for woman

60 minutes Tantric Massage £150

90 Minutes Tantric Massage £250

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Luxury Nuru Massage Experience

Nuru massage is a ancient Japanese technique. From all the Private Massage Session, the Luxury Nuru Massage is the most intimate and seductive.

The Nuru Massage session starts with an assisted shower, we gonna share a seductive shower where I will wash and spoil every part of your body.

After we will go to the Massage Nuru Bed where I will apply the warm gel in all your body.

Using my body and hands I will massage and tease you. You will be seduced and enticed Throughout the whole session.

This massage is full of emotions from beginning to end… maximum satisfaction is guaranteed.

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The Luxury massage session includes:

  • Luxury bubbly soap
  • Assisted shower
  • Swedish back massage
  • Nuru Massage Ritual
  • Lingam massage for man.
  • Yoni massage for woman.

60 minutes Luxury Nuru Massage £200

90 minutes Luxury Nuru Massage £300

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