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About Maya Private Massage

I am a private independent masseuse based in Kensington and Chelsea. When entering to my studio you will feel relax and seduce by the aromatic candles and scented oils, the atmosphere invites you to let yourself go and to only enjoy the moment.

The massage sessions are tailored to your desires. From a Relaxing Swedish Massage to a seductive Luxury Nuru Massage. Every session will be unique every time you visit me.

My private massage sessions are full body massage, some include lingam massage or yoni massage, depending on what you fancy the day you’re booking a massage session with me.

I invite you to check the description of each massage to choose the one is better for you here.

COVID-19 note I am double vaccinated. No symptoms and my studio is clean up to the standards of today’s situation.

The private massage sessions

The private massage sessions at Maya Massage are full of a seductive connection, soft touch that entice your whole body to left behind stress, worries to lead it to the maximum relaxation… pure satisfaction.

In the massage session I will use soft strokes in all your body, I will massage you from head to toe, always enticing you to explore your sensual side and let it free to fulfil your desires.

Depending on the Private massage session that you book the techniques will vary… but always keeping the sensual vibe during the whole session.

Why a private massage session is your best option?

When booking a private massage session at Maya’s you guaranteed privacy, security and full relaxation.

All the massage sessions are tailored to your desires, and needs. Before starting the massage session you can let me know what part of your body you want me to focus on, and how intense do you want the pressure.

My private massage sessions are full of sensuality and excitement. When booking a private massage you are here to be spoil and cared.

The only thing you have to do is let yourself go and enjoy the moment.

In the private massage sessions I will use all my body to massage yours, there will be an intimate connection… a release of tension that will help you to keep that relaxation feeling in your body and mind for longer.

My touch is gentle and seductive always looking to please. Inviting your body to get lost in the vibe of seduction and guide it to the ultimate climax.

Choose the best private massage here, and enjoy your massage today. I am available incall and out call to specific locations. Book your private massage session in advance is highly recommended.

Remember you can book your private massage session here on the website chat or calling. (When calling remember I am an independent masseuse therefore if I am in a massage session can’t answer the phone)

Book a private massage session today call now 07534376646.

Outcall, Mobile Massage Sessions:

Book me to give you a private massage session at your location today:

My private massage sessions are your location have the same seductive vibe and relaxation that at my place.

This are some of the location where I can visit you to give you a Private Massage Session:

  • Kensington and Chelsea
  • Mayfair
  • Paddington
  • South Kensington
  • Saint John Wood
  • Hampstead
  • Maida Vale

If your location is not listed please write in the chat box or call me to confirm If I can visit you.

Choose your private massage sessions here, different rates and a plus transportation fee apply.

Relaxing mind and body trough massage.

The massage sessions

Private massage sessions

Relax mind and body with a private massage session, let yourself go, relax and enjoy the maximum satisfaction.

Relaxing massage

Long light strokes, breathing exercises the best massage to start the day or finish and have a great night sleep.

60 minutes appointment £80

Swedish Massage

Release muscle tension with this massage session, Swedish massage is a worldwide technique that helps millions of people everyday.

60 minutes appointment £80

Body to body massage experience

The body to body massage experience at Maya Massage therapy is one of my favourites massages.

The sensual touch, the intimacy of the movements will release any tension in your body, leading you to the maximum satisfaction.

More details about your body to body massage session click here.

Enjoy your massage. I guarantee privacy and full satisfaction.

Tantric massage

I just love Tantra!! Tantric massage is a seductive, enticing and intimate massage that excites every part of your body.

The touch is gentle but sensual from beginning to end, leading your body slowly to a maximum level of excitement.

To finally climax and release all tensions.

More information click here.

Book a Tantric massage today.

Luxury Nuru massage

Nuru massage is the VIP private massage session, and I enjoy it so much because is intimate, very sensual and of course… slippery.

Nuru massage is a sensual massage from Japan. Using the ancient techniques and rituals the luxury Nuru Massage session starts with an assisted shower.

The masseuse will wash and spoil your body with a soapy shower, then both will go to the Nuru massage room where she will use Nuru massage gel an odourless and colourless gel made from nori seaweed.

From there on she will massage and seduce your body to end up in a climax of maximum satisfaction.

Book your Nuru massage today

Massage at Kensington and Chelsea

Kensington and Chelsea is one of the most sophisticated, affluent and beautiful borough of London.

With a vibrant High Street Kensington full of High End Shops and the beautiful Hyde Park nearby, Kensington and Chelsea is an area that you would enjoy visiting.

Get a luxury massage with a beautiful High End masseuse today.

I am an independent private masseuse available for massage in Kensington and Chelsea area.

Our massage sessions include Swedish massage technique and also Seductive massage to satisfy your desires.

Contact me today to book a Massage session at Kensington and Chelsea.

Visiting Massage Mayfair

Mayfair is one of the most popular High End Locations in London. Mayfair is the location of big companies and the most exciting restaurants and expensive hotels.

Whether you are visiting Mayfair for work or pleasure get a Visiting massage in Mayfair is as simple as chatting on my website or calling me. Just send your Mayfair locations with the time and type of massage that you want to book and I will be happy to visit your for a massage therapy.

A visiting massage Mayfair gives you the chance to have a luxury massage at the conformity of your home or hotel room.

I will provide, depending on the type of massage you book, the luxury massage oils or gels to make you feel like you are in a luxurious spa.

I offer a range of massages that will suit your needs. Either you are looking for a relaxing jet lag massage a sensual massage like body to body or Tantric massage or you want an intimate Luxury Nuru Massage after the session you will feel renewed and satisfied.

Booking a Visiting Massage Mayfair:

Instant booking on the website chat. (Not deposit required)

  • Click the chat box
  • Choose the massage and time you want me to arrive to your Mayfair location
  • Book Uber for my arrival
  • And enjoy your visiting massage Mayfair.

You can always call to book but if I am in a massage the better way to book is through the website chat. My friendly receptionist will be happy to help.

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Maya Massage

Let me help you in your journey to maximum relaxation.

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No sexual services. Recreational massage only. If you are less then 18 years old please leave the website.

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