Why you should get a Relaxing massage?

Have you heard about relaxing massage or relaxation massage and you wonder what is it? What’s involved? Is the best option for me?

Well I will try to explain in simple words what relaxing massage is all about.

You are one massage away from a good mood.

Relaxing massage is part of the Swedish Massage techniques involves soft to medium pressure and is performed full body.

The difference between relaxation massage and Swedish massage is that the masseuse main focus is to relax the client with soft and long strokes and breathing exercises.

In this session there’s no pain no hard pressure is all about gentle taking the client to an state of peace and relaxation.

Every now and then the masseuse will ask how the client is feeling but mostly she will guide him with her own breathing matching his/hers to build a connection or trust that will lead to a maximum level of relaxation.

I particularly love this massage and I can tell my clients love it too after their massage they look happy and energetic.

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